Understanding Client Needs and Proposing a Plan

  • Review current technology – Study current code if needed

  • Understand your company culture – Deep dive into company growth plans

  • Address immediate needs – Transition and integration plan

  • Personnel profiles to be hired – Future hires to bring onboard

Our Genies work with you to understand your current personnel needs, as well as your company’s culture to help us find you the perfect Genie to join your Team. The Genies will assemble a plan based on the needs learned.

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Advise on Location and Find the Resources

  • Advise on the best fit location – Depending on timezone, talent, needs, budget, etc …

  • Recruit – Screen, test, interview, and hire

The Genies will advise on location for new hires, recruit, screen, test, interview, and hire the perfect Genies for your Team.

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Resource Management

  • Onboard – Train, manage, mentor, and develop

  • Retain and grow your team Maintain your unique culture

The Genies will onboard, train, manage, mentor, and further develop the skills of your new Genies.

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Technology Partner and Growth Advocate

  • We get involved as much as you need us to – Our goal is to be there when needed

  • We will continue to add value to our partnership Keeping your team positive, productive and creative is our priority

  • Together, we will structure a plan to allow for transition – When and if desired

The Genies will go to work and become part of your development team. We become an extension of your organization that makes your wishes come true. Your success is our success and your growth is our growth.

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Transition Team Over to the Client

  • You the client own the talent we hire for you – If you wish to transition your resources for direct hire, we will help

  • To ensure you and the team are completely satisfied  Our Genies will help in advising and executing the transition process

The Genies will onboard, train, manage, mentor, and further develop the skills of your new Genies.

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The differences between TechGenies and other choices for IT staffing are profound.

Higher quality, speed of delivery, and lower costs are just the beginning.

We look forward to hearing from you.