Software and Web Development

Grow your business with a software solution tailored to make your wishes come true.

Our master genies have years of experience in application development, cloud applications, web development, and various languages.

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By building an excellent mobile-ready app, you provide users with the most efficient and natural way to interact with your business.

To create a holistic solution, our Genies will grant your wish of a stand-alone app or one that works seamlessly with other web platforms.

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Having your software integrated with other software solutions expands your target market and potential prospects significantly.

Your clients will enjoy using your software more, and the other integrated partners become referral sources for your business.

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Our experienced team can assist with all the professional IT support services needed to help you serve your clients.

By providing these services on your behalf, we help expand your services and reach with ease and at low cost.

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Our QA remote service covers the entire software development cycle according to agile methodologies.

We cover all facets of quality assurance, starting from QA process consulting, to manual and automated testing.

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Our years of experience enable us to apply our combined knowledge of application development and software technology support to ensure the success of your next project in open source languages such as PHP, Java, and Perl, or proprietary languages, such as .NET.


Our web development experience covers all front-end technologies, providing our valuable clients a delightful experience when using their systems. All front-ends created by TechGenies are responsive to support flexible interfaces to run on various mobile devices.


Our experienced web design Genies ensure our clients are delighted by creating designs that go above and beyond client’s requirements for various types of software applications. From business to social integration and from e-commerce to anything you can imagine, our designs will exceed your wishes.

Additional Areas of Software and Web Development Expertise


Thorough Software Prototyping creates a software application that functions as a proof of concept and product validation. This step ensures the product will deliver the value our client expects before building the fully-functioning system. The prototypes pave the way to flexible requirements change and function as a simulated version of the proposed system.


Our Genies are experts in capturing and translating complex system designs into easily understood representations of data flows and process.

The end result of this process is a simple blueprint for the development of your product.


Before kicking off your project, we make sure our dev team understands your needs and are able to deliver to your satisfaction.

We listen well and work hard to ensure all the stages of your solution design and development exceed your expectations.


Our APM services help monitor and diagnose systems performance to maintain a high-standard level of service.

Our systems ensure that your systems are always up and running in a fast and robust approach.

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