Professional Services

Grow your business with a software solution tailored to make your wishes come true.

Our master genies have years of experience in application development, cloud applications, web development, and various languages.

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By building an excellent mobile-ready app, you provide users with the most efficient and natural way to interact with your business.

To create a holistic solution, our Genies will grant your wish of a stand-alone app or one that works seamlessly with other web platforms.

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Having your software integrated with other software solutions expands your target market and potential prospects significantly.

Your clients will enjoy using your software more, and the other integrated partners become referral sources for your business.

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Our experienced team can assist with all the professional IT support services needed to help you serve your clients.

By providing these services on your behalf, we help expand your services and reach with ease and at low cost.

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Our QA remote service covers the entire software development cycle according to agile methodologies.

We cover all facets of quality assurance, starting from QA process consulting, to manual and automated testing.

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With years of experience supporting clients, our award-winning customer support team is well positioned to provide your clients with service they will enjoy.

Our Genies have strong technical backgrounds, so they can provide your clients with great service, whether it’s a simple product, or a complex, global enterprise solution.


Our Genies can communicate well in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and many other languages.

We are more than happy to make your clients’ wishes come true no matter what languages they communicate with, and whether it’s done via email, phone, or through an online ticketing system!


Our project management Genies develop and manage project plans including all project variables, estimated time frames, quality and quantity of resources required to successfully implement your project within the expected timeline, scope, and budget.

Our key goal is ensuring your client satisfaction! Our project managers are certified and highly experienced.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced trainers can happily provide training to you, your users, or your clients on any standard technology topic or on your solutions.

We provide multi-lingual training capabilities for your different user types including group training, online training, instructional-style webinars, and classroom style training services.


Our technical support team works behind the scenes with your development and quality assurance teams to provide the right level of IT support services to your clients.

We work with your technical teams to identify any client issues and make sure they are properly identified and resolved.


If you plan on delivering the training yourself, or through a third party, our team can provide you with the proper documentation needed for such training sessions.


Our services can be customized and are available in any North American and European time zones that your clients need IT support in.

We are also about to start our Asia Pacific operation so the APAC time zone support will be available soon.

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Through a Custom IT Team Building Approach

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