Our Team

Executive Team & Board of Directors

Our Executive Genies possess deep knowledge and expertise in the Information Technology industry, and forward-looking business perspective to keep up with today’s market demands and challenges. In addition to the industry experience, we have a wealth of diversified expertise from various industries on our Board of Directors. The Executive Team and the Board of Directors work closely to guide our Company by providing a Vision, Guidance, and a Focused Strategy.

Professional Services Team

Our Professional Services Genies are available to understand your wishes and to manage the process that turns them into a reality. They are available to be client advocates by providing services and support at various levels. The Team comes from various educational backgrounds with multiple language skills, but what unifies them is their passion for Technology and for providing a world-class client experience to our clients. Exceeding you wishes is their top priority … and they love it.

Technology Team

Our Technology Genies are available to actually “develop” your wishes and make them a reality. Our Teams are knowledgeable in a wide spectrum of development platforms and different aspects of the software lifecycle. Creativity, problem solving, and being in tune with the latest Technologies are some of what defines this Team. They are the backbone of our Company; they enjoy the different challenges that come their way and take pride in working on all aspects of development and QA. No job is too small for them, and no job is too big for them either: if it involves code, they are all in.

Training and Development Team

Our Training & Development Genies offer in-depth training plans and programs to help develop our clients’ workforce, and are also responsible for developing and graduating Genies through our internal training programs. Despite having a passion for Technology, our Training Genies have an even bigger passion for education, mentoring, and graduating new Genies to the world.


Our business model requires us to always be on the lookout for new Genies to join our Company to support our growing list of partners and clients. We use our local reach, in the markets that we hire developers in, to attract the highest talent available, while ensuring that they fit our TechGenies culture and your needs. Aside from recruitment, we have developed partnerships with the top local American Universities where our development offices are located, to invite their most promising graduates into our in-house training and internship programs, which have proven very successful in graduating new Genies.

Management Team

Board of Advisors

TechGenies Executive Team


The differences between TechGenies and other choices for IT staffing are profound.

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