Our process is a custom team building approach

Grow your business with a software solution tailored to make your wishes come true.

Our master genies have years of experience in application development, cloud applications, web development, and various languages.

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By building an excellent mobile-ready app, you provide users with the most efficient and natural way to interact with your business.

To create a holistic solution, our Genies will grant your wish of a stand-alone app or one that works seamlessly with other web platforms.

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Having your software integrated with other software solutions expands your target market and potential prospects significantly.

Your clients will enjoy using your software more, and the other integrated partners become referral sources for your business.

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Our experienced team can assist with all the professional IT support services needed to help you serve your clients.

By providing these services on your behalf, we help expand your services and reach with ease and at low cost.

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Our QA remote service covers the entire software development cycle according to agile methodologies.

We cover all facets of quality assurance, starting from QA process consulting, to manual and automated testing.

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Our expert Genies work with you on the different stages of solution design including wire-frames, requirements gathering, documentation, use cases, and test cases. We will make sure to understand your business and product needs in details and provide expert suggestions and innovative ideas to help you succeed. We then document the complete.

Business requirements, workflows, and any related information in a Product Development Plan, to ensure the development process is accurate and efficient.

  • Buisness needs analysis
  • Product detailed analysis
  • Product development plan



The Genies will manage the different resources for the project on your behalf, to ensure you get the right outcome without the hassle of dealing with different functions involved in the project life cycle. We usually start with assigning or hiring your development lead.

This person will help create the product prototype or provide the product validation if needed, and proceed to hire and manage the full staff needed for your project.

  • Assign/hire development leads
  • Produce product prototype
  • Conduct product validation
  • Expand hiring to full operation needs level



Our highly qualified project managers will manage the product development process throughout.

These Genies ensure a study of all project risk factors and proper communication ahead of time. We strive to minimize and eliminate risk factors through working closely in collaboration with you, our client.

  • Management the project development process
  • Manage the programming team and resources
  • Provide Issue Track and Risk Management



Our experienced Client Service Genies have over 10 years of experience in managing client accounts.

We stand ready to provide our clients with service around the clock, in multiple time zones, and multiple languages.

  • Ongoing customer service
  • Multiple time zone support
  • Multilingual support

Trusted by Great Clients

TechGenies handles everything to enable your remote IT operation to onboard smoothly, then expand quickly and easily.


The differences between TechGenies and other choices for IT staffing are profound.

Higher quality, speed of delivery, and lower costs are just the beginning.

We look forward to hearing from you.