HEADQUARTERED IN TEXAS, TechGenies is a global software development company with years of experience in delivering cutting edge, custom solutions to a wide range of verticals and industries. We operate software factories in locations that ensure access to great programming and information technology talent at extremely competitive costs.

Our model of operation is simple. We provide our clients with an “off-site” development team that can either augment their current IT staff or be the only development team the client has. These remote programmers are dedicated to the client and grow (or shrink) as the client needs evolve, but always operate as if the client directly employed them.

Our developers and tech specialists – known as our Genies – jointly have over 400 man-years of experience in Enterprise Software Development and have been developing world-class software solutions for more than 10 years.


Our Value Proposition

Choosing TechGenies as your technology partner will provide you with significantly higher return on your investment than doing the work internally or through other providers. The reasons are very simple:

  • We will get you going much faster than other options
  • Our Genies are efficient and experienced which make them more productive
  • Our cost is much more favorable
  • We save you the significant overhead cost
  • Our flexible arrangement gives you the best of all worlds



Our Special Focus on Startups

At TechGenies, having an entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. One of our core passions is providing IT services for startups, helping meet their technology wishes and needs.

We can relate to what you are going through and will work to provide you with the ideal technology solutions for your company to grow and prosper, whether it’s simple team augmentation or enterprise-level development.

Our commitment to support your efforts does not stop with the quality technology we help you build. We also offer startups special pricing so you can allocate more of your limited funding to your sales and marketing efforts.

And for those that are open to partnership, we are happy to explore investing in you. Our Genies will be proud to become not just your virtual development team, but also your long-term partners.